Serenity of Bolinao

After so many plans and places as options, our family had ended up going to Pangasinan as our version of fam bam. We rented a private resthouse on Patar, Bolinao and having the beach all for us was totally a very nice experience. The ambience shouts solemnity.

I love the interior design of the resthouse. It looks like a modern bahay kubo. I don’t know how will I describe it’s awesomeness. The house is a bungalow type but it has a second floor only to give way to the balcony and a bedroom (not exactly a bedroom, it looks like the extension of the balcony with just beds on it, it is actually more of kisame)

I spent the first day for my photo opts and savoring the scenery. Being there makes me part of a painting. It is quiet, the sky meets the sea and everything screams tranquility. The sea water is a very clear blue, the sands is purely white and the waves are roaring calmly. Everything is natural. #GodBreathed

This is my preferences of beaches, I am not much of an Environmental advocate but I hate it when the beach I have been was renovated. They ruined mother earth and the serenity the nature can offer. Plus it sucks and kadiri becuase there are chemicals in the sea.


For our second day, we travelled to Alaminos and experienced one of Pangasinan’s tourist destination: Hundred Islands National Park (actually this is their signature spot). We had went Island Hopping but all we did was swim on the Children’s Island because I have to consider ny companions (3 oldies, 2 kiddies then my ate and husband, and brother) and their capability. Maybe I’m going to come back there with my barkada. I want to savor the view and try all adventures it can offer.

My 3 year old nephew enjoying the water all his own.

For our third and last day, we have gone to Cape Bolinao, the place’s lighthouse which turned to be the second largest lighthouse in the country. There is a ruin beside it and I wonder what is the story behind it. There is no marker available or maybe a tour guide to tell some.

We also went to Sunghayan’s Grill where we had experiences eating their famous Sunghayan fish while river cruising. I don’t like the taste of sunghayan but I love the bagoong de Bolinao.


This trip didn’t have much activity like my other getaways but atleast I have experienced cherish the nature and surrounding itself. I have taught myself a mindfulness without worrying about something. I have gain to just be in the moment feel the calming wind, enjoy thne water, star gazing. Everything but tranquility, serenity and solemnity and I guess that is what make it remarkable.


Chasing Sunsets

The dry season will soon to be over and it seems like all throughout my vacation, I have collected photographs of sunsets. This might be a clichè but at the moment sunsets is a symbolic matter to me.

I hope you are liking my photos even if they are not artsy to you as it is for me. I only use my J7 Pro as a medium and I used some camera features of the phone.

Sunset in the City. This was taken place from the view deck of Century City’s Hole in the Wall

đź’•The Red Eyed Sun đź’•

I am the girl who gets excited when the sky changes color and turns into a kaleidoscope

đź’•Sunset and Kuji Camđź’•

This is taken at Circuit Makati. I tried to use Kuji Cam because I miss using film cameras.

Sunset tells us that an ending can be awesome and majestic, too.

This one is taken from Bolinao, Pangasinan. When we have gone to a staycation there. (I am going to write about it)

Maybe the reason why I am loving sunsets lately because it reminds me that la vie est belle. There is always something beautiful a day in the life can offer no matter how rough the situations you have encountered earlier.

Sunsets can also give us a lot of reflections and meditations you needed. It can calm your raging storm. It can curve your frowning lips. Sol wants to tap you and whisper, it can be a bad day but never a bad life so pull your shits together.

Life is good. Just look at the surrounding and find its awesomeness.

Sino ba Sila?





Sino ba sila?

Para sabihing magiging “okay” ka

Sila ba si Bathala?

Ang lumikha nitong sumpa

At siyang miron ng iyong tadhana?

Sino ba sila?

Para turuan kang piliin ang maging masaya

Sitwasyon mo ba’y kanilang pinakikiramdaman

Para sabihing ika’y magiging maligaya

Sino ba sila?

Talaga bang ika’y kanilang nauunanwaan?

Sila ba ay tunay kang dinadamayan?

Sa mundong puno ng kaliluan

Kilala ko pa ba kung sino ang dapat kapitan?

Running For Your Life




As of the moment, you are lost. You don’t know where you are heading. You are totally breaking. The inside of you are crashing into pieces. You don’t know  what is life anymore. You think you are going astray. You are ashamed of yourself. You are embarrassed with all the bad things you have tried and done.

You feel like you are Adam and Eve, after they have eaten the forbidden fruit for them to eat. You cannot face the world for disobeying God. You feel like you are a total disgrace and you cannot forgive yourself. You had done something displeasing in God’s eyes. You had heard someone mocking you to feel every bad thing on what you have done. You had been tempted, you had fallen to sin and God hates SIN.

In your quietude, you listen to your heart and there is someone knocking in it. You don’t want to open the door, you just want to run, to escape to hide. You cannot face Him. You feel distressed. You abhor yourself. You are not ready to see Him. You think that you don’t deserve Him again, you are the dirtiest and filthiest creature for doing such things.

As you move farther and farther, you are losing your mind. You are experiencing every anxiety you can feel. You are facing everything the world has to offer you. You want to forget, you want to be free, you want to feel relieve  and you try each of them. Guess what? It only sinks you deeper and deeper in what brings you shame. It only brings you to greater remorse. You are totally losing everything. Everything is becoming worse and worst

You don’t know what to do anymore. You are totally shattering in pieces and you just want to end everything. You cannot start over again because it is far too late. You have already ruined the precious life given to you…

But don’t.


Just don’t

When Adam and Eve falls into sin and had been thrown away in the garden of Eden, God still makes a way to reconcile our broken relationship. God love us more than to get mad with us forever. Even if He hates sin, you are still His most precious creation.

He LOVES you too much that He is the one who provided the solution for you  to be reconnected with Him again. He gave you Jesus, who left His fathers glory to be a lonely man here on earth. Jesus, His only begotten child, the innocent and righteous JESUS who was accused and mocked and  beaten and crucified. Jesus, who had shed his BLOOD to washed all your sins. Jesus, who had sacrificed His life to fill the Gap between YOU and God.

And, as you are losing HOPE in life. Think again of JESUS and what HE had done for you. He loves you that is why He died for you.

He let his innocent self experienced the punishment of the cross so you can start over again. Your sin was cleansed through HIS blood. You are made RIGHT in Him. You need not to lose HOPE in life. You are not going to waste your life and you can start anew again, if you will look to JESUS.

He wants you to BELIEVE in Him. He wants you to ACCEPT Him. He wants you to NEED him. He wants you to TRUST in Him. He wants you RENEW what was broken in the Garden of EDEN. He wants to have an intimate relationship with you. He wants you LOOK at Him and be EMBRACED in His loving arms.

And while you are busy trying to run out of you life, He is running for your life. He wants to honestly tell you that IT IS DONE and you can begin again. He is begging for your LIFE to walk with Him. He wants to say to You that He had already redeemed you and you don’t need to destroy your life.

As you are crying and agonizing on all the bad things you have done, He is weeping for your life because you don’t want to see Him, you are covering you face and you cannot see the banner of NEW BEGINNING He is offering you. He is lonely because you cannot notice the beautiful person He sees through you.

To HIM, you are perfect, you are beautiful, you are worthy, you are awesome.

You are worth dying for.

Note: I’ve written this three years ago and my present self can believe that I am the one who wrote it. You might need this like I need it now.