Intoy ( Collab #2)



Pwede bang itigil ang mundo?
Nang makahabol, pagkat andito pa rin ako
Tila’t napag-iiwanan na’t nananatiling nakayuko
Hanggang kailan magiging ganito
Oras na atat na atat tumakbo
Bawat segundoý tila nagbabago
Subalit, pinipilit pa rin ang nakahinto

Paano makakaalis ?
Kung ang mga paa tilaý namanhid
Sa mga bagay na sa kanyaý pilit pumipinid
Pilit na nagnanais mabatid


Hindi ko na alam kung maganda pa ang daigdig
Wala na nga bang natitirang pag-ibig?
Sa puso nilaý ayaw magpadaig
Di marinig, itong aking tinig

May pag-asa pa nga ba ang mundo
Bakit lagi na lang ganito?
Matatapos pa ba toh?
Parang hindi na, pag nakikita ang tao
Lahat nang nilikhaý walang hanggang gulo
May pag-asa ba pa sa pagbabago?


Note: Don’t know if this will make sense but the title was derived from Nericka and I’s favorite character from our favorite writer, Eros Atalia.


A Letter To My December 2018 Self



To my December 2018 self,
I wish you had grown enough and most importantly, you are happy, now that you are looking back on how the year had gone through. Today, I am writing to you this letter on the third day of the year with a hang-over on what happened to me on 2017. I had just bring back my joy of mindfulness and thoughtfulness; still in the process of revival and resurrecting what had been lost. I am looking forward that this joy continues upon the time you are reading this.

As of the moment, I am introspecting the year ahead. I am trying to enumerate the stuffs you had fulfilled and goals you had achieved. (I am hoping that you have). I’m writing stuffs that aren’t ideal and not practical at the same time. They are plans that I hope will make you savor the year, explore the world and make you fill your life’s toolbox. These are uncommon yet conventional activities. I trust my gut that these objectives had helped you enough to make your year worthy living.


I am hoping that you are in your serenity and quietude because that is always what you are. No matter how deep you had drowned in your dark thoughts, you will rise with a widest smile and loudest laughter. Amidst of chaos and noise, you had the courage to stand up, believe in your ideals and go on with life.

I am praying that you have satisfaction on how the year had passed and at the same discontented because there are still miles to be surmounted. No matter what happened, I want to remind you that you are doing your best. You are giving all your efforts. You are getting better. You are never a stagnant person; you are someone who finds learning and essence whatever scenarios you are in. You are a reflective creature so don’t be frustrated for a very long time. Remember, you are created with stitches and flaws. You are empowered by make believe figments, broken dreams, fabricated ideals and shattered memories. Don’t looked down on your self too much.

I am wishing that you are living euphorically because you have too many desires in your heart and you have fathomed that the universe is leading you to paths to make them real. I still don’t know the decisions you have done , whether you have continued your job or you have chosen the path you ever wanted (ATM, I still have 28 days to decide), but no matter what is the endpoint I know you have the best and productive year of your life. And, whatever you’ve chosen among the two, it still strengthens your passion and dedication for the cause you are always fighting for.

Cheers for another fruitful year. I know you are not the type to live in regrets but I want to tell you that today is the day to level up again and take courage, it’s time again to follow another path.


Without wax,
Your January 2018 self

P.S. Time to be Teaching Fellow. =D ❤

MMFF Top 3 Best Pictures: A Movie Review

      I am grateful for the free MMFF passes that had been offered to me and I have the chance to watch all the movies in the festival. I am also thankful that I have watched first the top 3 best pictures (I have actually watched 4 yet the fourth one doesn’t deserve a review) and I guess they really deserved it. (Though, I haven’t watched the other four entries). Below are my point of view with the three movies.

Ang Larawan ( The Portrait)


     I like to tell you that I went out of the movie house smiling. The movie really deserves all the words created for praising  a movie. Everything is worth it and magical, as in. This is the type of movie that every Filipinos should watch because it tells a lot about us. It emphasizes our culture and who we really our, as a citizen and as a country.

    Anyway, the movie is an adaptation of Nick Joaquin’s script wright of a musical play entitled “The Portrait of an Artists as a Filipino” and was translated by Rolando Tinio into “Ang Larawan”. It was set in before the Japanese Occupation in the Philippines, when Manila and Intramuros’ was still at it’s beauty and glow.

       Watching the movies, makes you feel like you are with the characters. Like you are part of the casting observing little by little what is the matter with them. What is the issues within the character, and it actually focus with the two spinster sister Paula and Candida,Tony Javier and the painting (Retrato del Artista Como Filipino) created by their father. The four, as the important elements of story will unfold to you the essence of progress, culture, arts, passion, family and what consumerism and materialism do to our identity. (I am trying hard not to be a spoiler) At the end of it all, inspite of the movie entertaining you and making you smile, your mind will be rumbled by too many thoughts and realization about what we are today (Culture, life, history, ….)

       In the film, you will admire the greatness of the outstanding Maestro Ryan Cayabyab. The music is like a wind whispering to your ears and making you feel more of the character’s script. Every character also has a wonderful voice and their singing aren’t the type that will make you sleep but it will remain in your mind for so long. Like a real LSS. #TotalEargasm

I love this particular quote from the movie.

Hindi simple ang buhay tulad ng sining

May pwersang humuhubog sa ating landasin

Hindi natin hawak ang kinabukasan

Tayoý nagmimiron lang sa kapalaran




My love for Hale (the one who sings the OST) gives me the urge to watch this movie. Watching the music video with scenes from this movie makes me want to run to the nearest cinema. The scene and the lyrics totally fit.

I love the movie. It really awakens my wanderlust self and encourages me to book a flight to Siargao asap. The cinematography is perfect and awesome. It totally captures the beauty and wonders of the place. It makes you want to experience the waves and the island life of the province. The angles and point of views is rightly shot.

My problem with the movie is the story. It lacks substance. I am unsatisfied because the movie feels vague and blur. What really happened? It seems they forget to focus on the character development. I know that Laura and Diego went there for some soul searching and finding-myself-milieu, yet what happened after that. Their resolution to their problem wasn’t given rightly and the flow of the story doesn’t lead the audience to create their own solution to the issue. I love the movie pero kulang po talaga. Nawala yung substance ng cinematography sa story. Hindi nagparallel.

All of You


The movie gives emphasis to the reality of the relationships today especially on how the two party handle what they have. It foucuses on how to people grow through the relations that they have. Gab and Gabbie’s relationship started as a whirlwind fubu romance until they will realize how they love each other and live together. On the later part, their personal issues will affect their relationship led to end it. Being apart will make them realize the value of their love for one another.

I will honestly tell that Derek Ramsay deserves to be the Best Actor. He totally nailed it here. I also love how the movie tells you to never ever forget to love your self in the relationship, that you need not to be obssessed with your partner.

But the ending… it’s good. =D =D





Hindi ako aasa.


Hindi ako aasa sa mga bagay na hindi ko naman alam kung ano nga ba talaga. Hindi ako diksyunaryo para magbigay pakahulugan sa mga bagay at salitang hindi magkakatugma at walang linaw.

Hindi ako aasa sa mga pag-aakalang pagmumulto at patukso tukso ng mga kaibigan. Mahirap maniwala sa mga pang-aasar na wala namang patutunguhan at pagpapakahulugan.

Hindi ako aasa dahil wala namang patutunguhan. Kung meron nga bang dadaanan at pupuntahan. Walang kasiguruhan ang bagay na pinipilit ng nararamdaman. Bahala na si kapalaran.

Hindi ako aasa dahil ayokong masaktan. Maaaring ang linyaý gasgas na sa kasaysayan. Ako rin naman ay mayroong kapaguran sa mga kwento palaging sinisimulan wala namang katapusan. Pagpapalipad hangin, iyo na lang tigilan.

Hindi ako aasa kung sa dulo ako rin naman ang iiwanan. Sanay na ako mag-isa at ayokong masanay sa panibagong karanasang hindi naman pang matagalan. Pagod na akong paulit ulit mawalan. Okay na ko sa mundong: Ako lang.

Bakit ako aasa? Bigyan mo ko ng dahilan upang ikaw ay mapagbigyan. Subukang patunayan na ikaw ay kayang pagkatiwalaan. Basagin ang aking paniniwala at nasaksihan sa kasaysayang ang babae ay nagtatagumpay kung walang kapareha sa buhay. Pakitaan nang pag-asa sa bagong buhay kasama ka.