I am.


    I am an art created by an Artist. I am one of His masterpieces in progress. I am a human being created to see the beauty of this world. I am born to struggle between good and bad. I am a sinner, in nature and in flesh, but I am cleansed by the soul cleansing blood of the Lamb. I am a model of His fathomless love so others could  feel He is real. I am a Christian, not only in words but also in deeds, maybe I am sometimes immature but I can say I’m trying to grow in His saving grace.  I am her daughter longing for her love, and I always wanted to caress her. I am your  sister needed to be respected, and be treated right. I am a student learning and gaining wisdom and knowledge about LIFE and its different aspects. I am your classmate who wanted to be open for everyone and have a good relationship with you. I am a FRIEND, someone you can always lean on. I am a churchgoer who worship, listens, but tries hard to apply. I am a lady trying to behave like one. I am a girl learning to give, love and forgive. I am a net browser communicating and gaining access to the world. I am a wide reader exploring my imagination and creating my own world. I am a dreamer, that is too ambitious. I am a listener and my ears are too wide but I can assure that everything is safe with me. I am a stalker who keeps on following, browsing, and searching every little things about you. I am a real Hopeless Romantic believing that someday I will finally meet half of my life. I am a writer, a frustrated one, but I know it’s the only way I can escape reality and express what I really feel. I am so talkative but it doesn’t mean that my brain is empty. I don’t have talent in art but I promise that I am creative in my very own way. I am chubby because I love food, they comfort me when I’m sad. I am so curious the world that I am living but I know everything has a limitation. I am everything that describe who I am. I am my number one fan. I am the very hater of myself. I love the way I live, love, learn and love. I love the way I live my gift. I love being me, myself and I This is my life. The way exactly I am… 


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