I don’t want to care, to how others describe who I am. They just know me by name or they just watched a glimpse of my life’s movie. They never knew everything to tell something about me.

I don’t want to heed, on the way others look at me. They just see me at that particular moment, they never knew what happens to me, so they never had the right to stare with those kind of eyes.

I don’t want to hearken, on what others tell to what I have done. The end does not justify the means. It is not always on what I have done but on the purpose, why I did that.

I don’t want to perceive the comparison that they are making to me and the others. We are different. Everyone is unique. They don’t need to match me with somebody else.

I don’t want to listen to the murmurs and loud laughs whenever they think I’m weird. Everyone has their own definition of that word. We are free to live life the way we wanted.

I’m so tired of being conscious to people’s commentaries. I really do not know how can I comprehend all the things they are saying about the way I am. Is it really for the better of me or is it for them to control my life and change who I am? What does really matters? To live my live my life as what I think is right for me or to avoid those things that is wrong for them?

Where’s my sense of identity and those distinctive characteristic that made me as man?

I really wanted to close my ears so that I couldn’t hear them. I don’t want to be confused with those subjective criticisms. I’m getting crazier every day because of those judgmental creations. What they say is a thoughtlessness.

I want them to back off  of my life. I just want to be who I am. As long as I do not harm anybody I know my life is going fine. I don’t need your unwise words of folly.


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