The magic of Bach’s G-Strings in My Life.

When I first heard this music of Bach on Autmn’s Concerto ( a taiwan drama starring Ady An and Vanness Wu), I know I have fallen in love with it already. It gives me piece of mind and happiness. It comforts me. In addition to this, it has a wonderful story when it was composed.

According to,

“Bach originally wrote the suite for his patron Prince Leopold of Anhalt sometime between the years 1717 and 1723”

and as the Taiwan Drama tells, the story of this music is

“When Bach was performing at the palace, his cello was tampered with. All the strings were broken except for the G string. Just when everyone was waiting to see him be humiliated, he played a beautiful melody using only the G string, ”

But according to a blogsite, (,

“The song became known as Air on the G string when a violinist August Wilhelmj arrange the piece for violin and piano. He was able to play it on his violin using only one string, the G string.

I’ve heard a story before that Wilhemj’s violin got broken on the very day of his concert and he was planning to play this suite. Almost all the strings are cut off and the only string that remained is the G string. After all the chaos he decided not to quit but instead he played the piece on G string and it impressed the crowd tremendously.”

Whatever it is, I’m still inlove with the song and it’s story, it teaches us that

“no matter how difficult life gets, you can still play the most touching melody.”

-Mu Cheng , Autmn’s Concerto

and so with the other part of Life. It doesn’t mean it’s the end, right?

—enjoy the music—


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