Quo Vadis?


We live our life here on earth as if we are walking. Walking to somewhere we do not know the endpoint. The destination we are going has something to do with the pathway we choose to stroll.

Like the traveler in The Road Not Taken, we are also standing in between the two roads of life. The roads signify the life we wanted. The two options are the road where everyone chooses to go, and the road less travelled by.

The road on which everyone choose to walk is the usual lane. You are walking like others. All of your actions are always the same. It’s like a routine and someone is dictating you what to do. No change. No adventure. But you don’t need to take a risk. You already know the outcome, because others have already reached it. You don’t need to be afraid, because you are already sure of the destination you are going.

The others, the one that is less travelled, are the opposite of the other. You can do what you want. There are adventures. But you needed to challenge yourself to take a risk. There are different destination in this road, or let’s say the endpoint has never been reached because some just give up in ought for a change. Here, you are walking for something you do not know if the end will be the better of the other.

Life is a journey – not a destination, as what Ralph Waldo Emerson quoted. It’s not a matter of the endpoint of our journey it’s what kind of journey we are taking and how was it while we are on the way . Will it just be a jaunt or a real journey? Will it be the usual or will we take a risk for a change? It doesn’t matter, but always remember what Paolo Coelho has said “ If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine it’s lethal”.


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