Distress of a Female Character

I am a damsel in distress. I am exposed to harmful things. I am always involved with dangerous situations. Somehow, my knight in shining armor will come and rescue me to every life threatening situation I am in.

I am a princess. I am stocked in a castle and required to learn things that I needed to know. My acts are guarded and my fate is bound by our kingdom’s tradition. I am already betrothed to someone I do not know since I am conceived in my mother’s womb. However, a prince will come to fight for his endless love for me. We’ll going to elope if we’re not permitted or else I will just go with the flow of what the king wants for me.

I am a Madonna. I am too kind, too helpful, too caring etc.. I am considered as a saint and I am capable of rejecting a man’s sexuality. But at the same time, I am a temptress, the very embodiment of man’s temptation itself. I am the reason why he always falls to sin for he can’t resist the lure that I have shown.

I am a witch. I am too bad and too wicked. I manipulate the life of the protagonists. I always do spells that will make their life miserable because I am jealous at the fact that I do not have my happy ending for I do not have a man of my dreams.

I am a bitch. I am so flirty, amorous and teasing. I seduced her prince charming because I envy her for she had him. Because of that, I will make a way to separate their lives and that is by seducing the prince and making fun of that girl’s life. With this acts of mine, I do not deserve to be respected because I made myself a whore. I am just an instrument for a male’s erection.

Are these my only role?

Just always a minor and a stock character?

Are these who you really see me as a woman?

Not a man. Weak. Wicked. Vulnerable. Seductress.

Oh, what a shame of me.

But, THESE things must be SUPRESSED.

Wanna know why?

It’s just that. I am not as weak as you think. Just emotional. It’s different, even the dictionary is agree with me. And please take note. I can protect myself. I have a mind of my own and I know what’s right for me. I can fight for it. And oh, don’t forget I am not just a flighty creature to fill your salacious desire, and please It’s not always my fault if you are enchanted by my inner goddess.

I am just an arcane human being and I am very tired of how you treat me. This stereotyping of yours makes me exhausted. I’m so sick of this sexism. It really sucks.

I can also make a difference. I can also prove that I am not as good for nothing as what you think . I am as worthy as yours.

But this dream of mine will only happen.

If you are going to……

Leave your ego and give me a chance.

Move a little lower and in line with me.

No superior. No inferior.
No dominant. No submissive.
Just. Fair. Unbiased.

And if we are going to work together. We can make a wonderful story.

A better one.

We are going to inspire the readers mind that every creature deserves equity.

I hope the writer knows it too.


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