A Struggle in the World of Judgments.

People always conclude easily. They are always basing on their prejudices and that’s what all they care about. They are never interested on the other side of the door.

 Because of that. You. Branded as a nonchalant human being, are deeply hurt. You are torn on expressing yourself or you will just put a packaging tape in your lips. Sometimes, you will end up doing unwanted things that will merely prove you are evil, because you can’t ease the pain of their antipathy. You cannot fight the feeling that urges to tell what is on your mind. The urge of the pressure you have felt when they are telling how wicked creature you are.

 Yes. That’s what the world really is, right?. They are too judgmental and manipulative. You just needed to accept that fact. You’ll never teach them to listen that is why they will never learn how to understand. They will always stick on the tip of the iceberg that they have seen.

 But don’t blame yourself. Don’t think that you are stupid. Because you are really not. It just happened that they doesn’t know everything or anything. They don’t know what you feel. That there are things that buzzing your mind. They never know that you are in a deep dilemma of comprehending what is right? What is not? What is evil? What is real? What is true? They never experience how it feels to encounter different philosophies, different ideas, different concept that is very opposite to each other. They never care on how much those things had affected your personality and your views. That you are still haven’t figure out what the world is really all about.

But don’t worry about it. Don’t Mind what they say at all. It’s none of your business.

..as long as you know that there is something good within you..

..as long as you are not hurting somebody..

..as long as you know there is light in yourself..

..and as long as you are bringing your life to a purpose …


 You are good. You are better. You are best. You are a very worthy person. You are much needed by the world.

 Just close your ears with your two hands. Let your mind rest in the quietude of  your heart. Never heed on their false accusation. Their nonsense judgments. Just let life leads you to your destination. To a life full of purpose and meaning.

 Someday, they will whisper to you “I’m sorry.”


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