I Cannot Find the Answer.

Note: This is just a product of my imagination. It’s not something that happens to me. maybe someone’s experience but not me. =D!

I Cannot Find the Answer.


I cannot fight the ”urge” that is rising on me.

Simply because = I’m Loving it.

I enjoy doing this kind of things; including anything that is related with “it”

The desire is always present.

And it’s like a drug that I needed to take daily.

Performing this is similar to eating a Pringles.

Once you open it, you won’t stop

It can also be compare to riding on a roller coaster.

The most exciting part is the highest peak

The Climax. That electrifying feeling inside.

The twitching of my knees and those butterflies in my stomach.

Ohhhhh! That is what I love the most.

That feeling.

That intensity that will make you ask for another round.

I know you are thinking I’m Immoral

That I am one perverted creature.

Maybe a whore or a bitch.

But, you cannot condemn me for being sinful.

That is just in your mindset.

In your own point of view.

You don’t know the reason why I’m doing this

I am up to the effect of this activity.

It’s my stress reliever.

An indicator that I am alive.

I am Human. A part of this world.

I cannot also blame you

If you brand me as a filthy Eve.

You don’t know how or why I’m like this.

I am also a victim.

Would you believe me?

Once, I was raped.

Someone ruined my womanhood,

Including my personal legend.

I don’t know why he had to do it?

He said he cannot fight his erection.

That triggered my curiosity.

Asking about that “LUST”

Why they can’t ease that craving?

Until it grew stronger, that it made me want to do it.

I ended up in the bathroom doing the what they called “clit stimulation”

Then, I started to wonder,

How it feels when someone is inside me.

I ended up getting a partner.

We have done it.

That’s when I begin asking for more.

A repetition.

’til I’m always longing for it.

It became deeper and deeper.

Thus, it became a need

So  I became

A nymphomaniac.

I don’t know how to escape it.

What’s worse ?







To my



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