A Letter for Mr. Escapism.


Dear Mr. Escapism,

 I am so grateful that you are always there when I needed you the most. I love you for making me feel that there is no pain, sorrow, grief and misery. Thank you for giving me a peace of mind.. You are my  harbor and my resting place and my safe haven and my hideout. You are someone (or something) whom I know I can always lean on when I know I can no longer ease the hurting and the heartaches.

 But. You know, I’m smart enough to realize that your service for me is very, very, very ,very, very deceiving because all of what you have provided for me is temporary,  short lasting. It had just given me a piece of quietude and tidbits of happiness. You just want me to run away from all those negative auras. You are just prolonging all my dilemmas and agonies. You are just molding me to become coward.

Don’t feel bad about me not able to appreciate you. I really do. You are my favorite comfort zone. But. Life begins when I finally went out of my C.Z. and I badly wanted a life. I need it. I also want a living.

So. Please. Stop. Tolerating. Me.  I’m begging you to  please let me face what I needed to. Don’t go near me always or else I will always hide from everything because you are there to  help me run away from what I needed to face.Let me David that ois brave enough to face Goliath

Hope you’ll understand.

Lost because of you,



P.S. I need you but not always.



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