what my heart sings

a.n this is a song but it still don’t have a melody

Dear God

I’ve been hearing so many things

It have really awoken my curiosity

People are all talking about you

And I want to know it too

I can’t stop my heart from believing

But My Mind is already doubting

It won’t rest and continue asking

I want to hear you answering


Are you the one true God,

the one who stops the flood?

Are you the one who love me first

than anybody else?

How can I  believe you?

How can I worship you?

You are too unfathomable

Your greatness is incomprehensible

They say you love all of us

That you have sacrifice Jesus

And you made everything planned

With all our need provided

***Knock to my heart

Shout to my ear

Let me see you

I wanna love you, too


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