The Masterpiece in the Lost Pen

The Masterpiece in the Lost Pen


I am in a strange place.
There is nothing but the nature to gaze.
Those are creatively handmade for my delight.
They are very precious to my sight.

I have seen the sun so bright,
As well as the moon in the night.
They are made to give us light.
How amazing His mind ! So might.

The stars in the sky are wonderfully twinkling
Their positions draw constellations: pretty fascinating.
Augustus Waters said they are like thoughts He fail to fathomed
And so am I in my traveling transportation.

I’m going far away from home,
Taking the challenge to leave my comfort zone,
Trying to comprehend in the unknown: His greatness.
I hate to say this, but now I only have is His faithfulness

I know I have been lost and gone astray
But there His love always to stay
With that, there’s nothing I can do
Hence, I’ll just say that I love Him too.
He is not just my creator, but also my writer.
He has great plan for that I try to hinder.
I’ve stolen the pen and write the story myself.
Everything was ruined and has been put to waste.

I am not like the sun, moon and stars anymore.
However, soon I will be again, if I will let him maneuver.
But He can only make it once I give back the stolen pen.
The great masterpiece in me will be made the best He can.



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