An experience of a Lifestyle.

** I dunno if the title fits the essay but It is a piece of my realization as a student teacher. sorry if I have a bad grammar or whatever it is. I just try writing.

It was Monday afternoon when I have heard that my cooperating teacher wasn’t around. That only means I am in charge of the class and I don’t know what to do. I was not yet prepared to stand in front of them and be their facilitator but I needed to. That time I have met three out of five sections I am going to handle. They are very different to each other, plus the fact that every student had their own personalities. But if I’m going to sum up and describe what they are. They are all stubborn, noisy and everything we are complaining to kids at their age. That very moment that I have met them, I have told myself that I should never give up to my students no matter what and who they are. They are the reason why I can call myself a teacher. You needed to be a TOUGH teacher and it’s not easy but you needed to be one.

In order to be a tough teacher, you need to make TEACHING as a lifestyle. You need to LIVE it not just make it your profession. You need to give all of your time so that you can give them the learning that they deserve. Thinking of strategies wasn’t that easy, sometimes you need to give whole day just daydreaming the classroom scenarios that your students can take pleasure in. In my case, as a student teacher, I needed to assume strategies that can be applicable to higher section as well as to the lower ones.

You also need to know your content excellently. You need to sort the things that are related to your lesson. You need to avoid information overload, they cannot handle that. You are required to stop making a fool of your students by throwing them wrong information. It’s a sin and it’s a shame.

As a teacher, it is a necessity for you to be creative. You are to desire to attract their eyes through your visual aids. With the use of that, you needed to catch their attention so that you will be interested of the lesson you are going to share them. Their interest is one of your main goal to grab. That’s where they will learn.

The hardest part of being a teacher is your task to be a role model. You need to be perfect in their eyes, even if you know to yourself you have your flaws too. They are always watching your every move and through you ways you needed to inspire them to be a better man. It is essential for you to use the right words and euphemisms to tell the things you needed to tell.

Teaching is complicated. You need to adjust your understanding to theirs so you can educate them right. You need to make things light so that you can make the mark of your lesson in their young minds.

These things are what I have learned from my very dedicated cooperating teacher. She tells me that I can recognize the fruit of my labor as an educator if I have seen the sweetest smiles in my students’ eyes. If you have notice that every day they are interested to learn the lessons. That they are very eager to participate the activities you have prepared. The wide curves on their lips are their ways of telling “Ma’am it’s worth it.” And that brings a cloud nine feeling of relieved.

Being a teacher is painful and stressful but I’m telling you it’s joyful. Everything will be pay off once you have seen that they have seen the vision you have seen for their selves and the society. Your lifestyle is the key for a better society. Never stop touching lives through that way of life


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