The Frustrated yet Passionate Writer in Me

Scribbling will be always one of my obsessions I will always be fascinated at. When I was a child I don’t know the reason why in just holding a pen and paper brings me to cloud nine. Until I have learned the magical experience it gives when the combo stuff is used with words. They say that this phenomenon is called writing. So, I say to myself maybe I was born to write.  I know I am too frustrated but please let me say that I am born to write.

There is always something with me, with the pen, with the paper and with words. It feels like something that I cannot describe. For me we are one. Maybe this is too self proclaimed but I need to claim it to be one. It is the only thing I am good at, so please bear with me when I say that I am a writer.

I don’t meant to explain to you why I feel like I am a writer but I’ll give my reasons why I write so somehow you’ll bear with me. (or forgive me)

Writing helps me to retain my memory so I can pass my examinations. I need to jot down the lesson (in a creative manner) so I can remember all the terminologies I need not to forget. #WhatAReason

Writing is my way of responding to myself when I self talk. I am a very talkative creature. You can compare me to a parrot. I always needed a company yet I am always alone, so the pen and paper is there for me.

Writing is the quietude of my soul. I have a thought-full mind and sometimes I don’t get to handle them. So I in script each of them to a piece, and laugh out loud with me and myself and I. Its quiet satiric that a boisterous person likes me hates a noisy psyche.

Writing is my expression. It convinces me that maybe somewhere, somehow, someone listens to my spirit. That someone cares and someone understands and someone cares, so I write and tell what I feel. What I want to say. What I think of the humanity and the world.

Writing gives me power to create my version of Utopia, or maybe a Dystopia. It makes me the goddess of my paper towns and paper characters. It makes me a manipulator. It puts my daydreaming into reality.

Writing is my solitude yet my solace. It helps me to feel the pain and at the same time comforts me. It is the one that is there when I can’t no longer bear what is inside. When I can no longer carry the burden that this life had given me. It helps me to convey that there is always hope.

Write. Write. Write. Compose a poem. Humor myself in a flash fiction. Imagine a story. Articulate my thoughts. It will always be writing for me. It may be my frustration because I am not better at it but it is also my passion that keeps me in fervor. That there is something I am good at.

Writing is my key to keep me believing that there is something good in this world. That there is still a chance for this world to be a better one. Just like my writing skills, I can be better


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