Love Letter to No One <3

To Someone Who Is To Come:

Today, we had our family reunion and everyone had their own partner. Somehow, I feel the solitude of being alone. It makes me question myself on the reason why we are not yet together. Am I that studious? Am I really that too unreachable for you? Am I really that too hard to please? Am I really that afraid to take the risks of falling in love? Whatever the answer, I don’t know. And I don’t care.

While reading this, I can identify that you are frowning because I am becoming demanding and impatient. Nevertheless, keep in mind that I am not rushing up you. It is just a spur of the moment thoughts of longing for someone I can lean on. Don’t worry about me, I am okay. I have understood that it is not the time for the both of us.

Yes! Fate – we believe in it right? – Still doesn’t want for us to be together for our season not yet there. Upon this time, we are still to chase our dreams and make it come true. We are in a series of growing up and being the right man and woman. We are still to savor our moment alone. Life is still molding us to be the better person we can be. With that, we don’t need to hasten for each other arms.

I am not hurrying you, nor I am getting eager for that thing. Falling in love brings us to euphoria but having it in a wrong season causes a great animosity. We don’t want that to happen, right? Thus, I am willing to wait until we are savvy enough.

My affinity for you is getting stronger. I am anticipating for the moment we can show our affection to each other. Anticipation means redeeming the time while waiting for it. Desiring that you will come. I am making most of this blank time given to us, I hope you are doing the same.

See you soon.

I love you, without wax.


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