Thankin’ Twentiportin (2014)

2014 gave me so much to remember. It made me experience the best things of life. It brought me too many euphoric events, insightful memories and unforgettable moments. It opened my eyes to the delights and greatness of this gift I am currently enjoying, It led me to all the fascinating realization that there is more in LIFE, I just needed to ameliorate, learn, grow so I can make most of LIFE.

I am in debt of everything that had taught me to LIVE LIFE as the way it wanted to be lived, for without knowing those stuffs, this year had never been wonderful.

First, I am grateful with the adventurous spirit within me. Lacking with this, I will never encounter such exploration that I have been involved. Devoid of my abhorrence of a routine, I will not try something that I have never done before. Thank you so much for unleashing the fear that existed in my heart. If it had never been set free, my boat will always be in its harbor and that me a useless creature.

I also owe the word “appreciate” a lot. If I had not extinguished the essence of this word, I will never understand what is good in life. I will always be drowned by all the shitty situations I have been engaged because I cannot see the rainbow in it. It will always be in my heart to realize how this word helps me to ponder that the best things in life are in the little things. It is the one who made up LIFE and that mold me to be the better me. By being optimist in every thing.

Lastly, I will never forget to extend my deep gratitude to all the mishaps and pitfalls that I have stumbled upon. They made me stronger. They pushed me to my limits that have lead me to not be afraid of taking risks. They taught me to trust with the word “faith” and “hope” so I can clearly witness the miracles of life.

The clock is ticking and a new year is about to unveil. I am proud to say that my heart is pounding it’s excitement for it to come. My soul is looking forward for new adventures, new experiences, new exploration and new learning it will offer me. I am already delighting of another mystery of life that I am to discover.

I hope you are too.


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