Love; Socially Constructed

Heart is beating fast

The name he bears

Seems the one that matters

Is it really love?



His scenty smell

That mesmerizing eyes

They kept me hanging and staring

Oh, What love can do?



Kissing and hugging

Cuddling and touching

These feelings I cannot contain

What kind of love is this?



Ditching my pals and foe

To be with you everyday

It is my heart’s only desire

I  don’t understand LOVE.



He makes me fall harder

and it gets me crazier

Truly, I’m madly in love deeply

Hmm, Love is also a mental disorder?



Then, you said it is over

It makes me want not to sober

Cause I’ve dreamed it is forever

Love makes me a walking zombie ?!?



That was such a waste

Making love like a swamp

Petty, shallow and fictional

Oh, what a fool I am.








They seems real to me.

Yet, socially constructed.


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