Because Hope still hides in Pandora’s Box.

Sometimes I assume that Life is a bitch and I just wanted to slap it for being hard. For being so mean and for being so rude. For bringing me all the disastrous scenarios of Life and I just can’t take it. I cannot do anything. It’s an impasse.


It seems like a jaunt that I cannot passed and you will just sit down or stop in the middle of nowhere and conceive all the worst things in humanity. Worst as in WORST. From the little aspect to a huger and complicated one. Seeing all at it’s evil view makes me feel sad and suicidal and depressed. Wandering and wondering what had happened to us.


People always look for the negative side in each of us. We are condemning others mistakes without realizing that we had the same make up; we had flaws. We are nonchalant of what they will feel because we are too focus of our comfort, that the “I” or the “Me” is well. It is okay for us to use them so we can give a chance for the desire that is growing inside us nonetheless what the other cares about. We are overusing the authority vested upon us so we can gain more and be one step ahead above the others. We evil laugh out loud when we see someone inferior, it make us feel confident, stronger and the best.


What type of wicked are we? The presence of anger, greed, pride, selfishness etc… is always in demand that instead of being just a confidante or the antagonist, it is becoming the main role. It is already overshadowing it’s purpose in our life; to help us grow, to lead us to be better. We became oblivious to what should be the endpoint of these bad vibes we are bound to experience. That there should be happiness, there should be giving and there should be love, yet there is nothing.



However, Mahatma Gandhi once said that we shouldn’t lose hope with humanity for it is like an ocean. It may have a few drops of dirt but it’s doesn’t mean the whole is contaminated. This maxim helps me to hold on and have faith. That Hope is still in Pandora’s box and one day it will be set free so all the disastrous things that first came out can be replaced by it and lead the world to be a better place


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