An Unmeant to be Sonnet

An Unmeant Sonnet



There is a story not doomed to be told

A Tale of You and Me been led to a cracked

Two lives met to be separated

Like parallel lines, paths not made to crossed

Just there to stare, gaze and observed each other.

Together is not their goal, only admiration.

Too melancholic if they are to asked “What if’s?”

Acceptance of Fate’s plan is the right response

And Savor the feeling which had bloomed.

Emotions kept inside and will always remain hidden.

For it is not meant to spur; Destiny forbade and forbids.

“We are a Broken Sonnet, meant to be un-“ended”

Yet, maybe this impasse of our story can be done

By putting in words through pen, paper and pages.”

a.n: This was inspired by Hale’s Broken Sonnet.


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