In Between Owning.

(a.n. I don’t know if this makes sense. LOL.)

We, human beings, are very territorial in nature. We have a mindset of being possessive of something we think we own and we are to move mountains just to keep these things with us forever because for us these are the source of our happiness, so it is what defines our life here on earth.

However, in the end, our sense of keeping something will make us realize that we live our life in a lie because life is not really about making something to last forever, for even the word lasting and forever depicts fallacy. They are just tricky words to make life exciting and challenging, if we are willing to own and cling on something or accept that it needed to be let go. We all know that giving away our most valuable is the hardest thing to do. But that idea is truly but a freaking lie.

It is not true that we have an ill-nature of being possessive. It is not a fact that having something to drift away is hard. It is wrong to believe that we own something in this universe because we don’t have anything since we are being form through penetration. We are not in possession of anything, we just get too clingy of the stuffs that had gone within our hands. We have just imagined that we have it, though we know it is just borrowed. And we still embrace the idea that it is ours. When it had been lost we got hurt and it is our fault because we deny the idea that it is borrowed. We let the idea to deceive us that it is everlasting though we know and we always believe that nothing is permanent in this world. Thus, it is not us being possessive that makes us greedy but the thought that we are fearful of a certain phenomenon. We are afraid of change.

But, change is the best thing the world can offer. Life is about learning how to let go of things that we have so we can experience something better through encountering and accepting change. Yet, we hold on and never let go so we experience pain and loneliness. We don’t want change to move our life to the next level.

.It is not with holding on that we make life meaningful. That leads life to LIFE. But with letting go and letting change bring us to the turning points and climaxes. We need to break routines for it will bring us nowhere.

P.S. Even the life we have is something that we needed to let go. Immortality is boring.


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