Five Things I have learned as a History Major.

1. Base everything on Facts and Evidences

Analyzing History is never easy. You need to collect all the evidences available before making conclusion on how will you theorize an event (theorize in terms of why it happened? What is the significance of it? What will we learn from it?) I guess it is the same with life, it is never good to embrace the tip of the iceberg you know about something or someone. We should be eager to know it deeply so we can avoid on settling with wrong beliefs and conclusion

Reminder: The best evidences or facts are those that came from primary sources. You need to be very very critical with the secondary ones.

2. Sometimes, it is a matter of perception or point-of-view.

Information about History’s certain event (or the whole story of humanity) depends on how it is narrated. It can be good or bad depending on how the narrator perceives these events and what leads it to its turning points toward the resolution (or how the event affects the life of the people). Aligning in our everyday life, sometimes it is a matter of how we view all the things that is happening to us. The situations can bring you to heaven or to hell depending on how you see it. Better start on seeing beautiful things.

3. Learn from EVALUATED experiences.

We study the past so we can understand the present and we can have a hint on what can we do for our future. In our personal life, we call the past events as our EXPERIENCES and we should reflect with each of them. Evaluating those will help you know where your life is leading you. Through knowing our mistakes, flaws and faults, we can be the better Us, I or You.

4. Don’t deal with What If’s.

It is always frustrating to deal with history’s face-palming-moment events, wishing that that personality should this or do that or that they must just do that instead of doing that, etc., ( those that are like that can be the source of our remorse). We can never change what had happened. There is no time machine that can bring us to the previous centuries. Just move on and better deal with number 3, right?.

5. Change is constant. Deal with it.
We had in History what we call “turning point”, it is the climax of the event. With that, a country, a place or someone will get better or will get worse. In the other sense that turning point, is the event that will lead to a “change” in the system of the society. Throughout the World History, there are millions of turning points that prove to all of us that change is the only phenomenon that occurs since this universe had been formed. We need to deal with it and accept that nothing lasts forever.


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