Alone in the Museum.

There are times when we needed to appreciate the presence of just our selves. We needed to cherish the moments that we can do alone because sometimes it is one of the best experience we can have in the time of our lives. What an introduction? LOL But, honestly, I have been doing a challenge of doing things alone because I just want to savor things while I am still (truth be told) single, I might miss the comfort of just me. myself and I. One thing in the bucket list is to go in a Museum alone, and swear I have really enjoyed it. I have chosen the National Museum, because I just want to, it’s free admission today plus it is too sentimental for me.

C360_2015-05-13-15-17-19-250             I love going to a museum, even if I will go there a dozen times, hindi nakakasawa if I’ll use Filipino language to describe my view when going to a museum. I delight with a thought that I am going face to face with an artifact or something that depicts the word heritage. It is like they are telling me we belong. Include the fact that I have gone in our National Museum many times to the point that I think, I can pinpoint to you where you can find that particular artifact.

              However, this is my first time to step in the museum alone, and I have appreciated this moment because I have focused in observing and learning deeply the things that I have seen there. This time, it is not about the pictures and the jokes and the pranks and the stories that I can have when I am with my friend. This is a point where I need to ponder and reflect the moment I am making with the heritage my eyes can see and with everything that I might encounter.

            And it really does, I have known things that I didn’t find in my past visit in the museum. I become more appreciative with those heritage that tells the story of my beloved nation. Also, I have gone people watching and it pains my heart to hear or see that they know little about those stuffs. It is also sad to see that they didn’t treat them like History majors value them. Upon this moment that I am home, I still have so many things to ponder.

             Aside from that, I have made a dual reminiscing in the museum, the stuffs of antiquity that symbolizes the story of my past and the hundreds, if not thousands, of memories we had made when we have gone there. Oh, how I miss those folks.

Here are some of the things I have captured.


Creepy Passage, eh?


Ang Baybayin at ang Maynila.




Interior d’Un Café. The Parisian Life by Juan Luna Favorite Painting

C360_2015-05-13-13-28-41-307 C360_2015-05-13-13-39-34-123  C360_2015-05-13-13-57-25-159 C360_2015-05-13-14-27-57-607 C360_2015-05-13-14-28-19-965 C360_2015-05-13-15-10-26-920 C360_2015-05-13-15-11-35-731 C360_2015-05-13-13-48-29-863C360_2015-05-13-15-13-09-003     Thus, I have to tell you, that it is not lonely doing things alone. Sometimes, that is what you needed, a me-and-I-myself bonding moment. It is fun and cool. You will learn a lot. You will see things you won’t. You are going to ponder LIFE. Just, never mind the hypocrisy of your mind. Just savor the moment. Don’t focus on other people and that you are alone. Tell yourself, you are enjoying this.

 Swear, you will going to repeat this.

=D. This is a very trying hard post.


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