Series of Waiting

Traveling is one of the blissful activity that I am enjoying the most. When I speak of it, I am pertaining to what the word really means in the dictionary. The part of which you are in a vehicle moving and bringing you to another place, to your desired destination. I love the idea of sitting in a car or any other form of transportation and do some sightseeing over the window, savoring what it has to offer you – a wonderful scenery or maybe just a piece of reality to ponder. Lastly, it is fun to wonder and reflect of things you haven’t thought of for ages especially while you are in a car that leads you to wherever it is.

Recently, I have come from a long ride. It is our mission trip to Samar. The idea of going to a mission is an awesome activity itself so it is a bonus point (maybe for me) that we are going to land travel to reach the location. Land travel defines that we are going to ride a bus for almost 24 hours. This sounds disgusting but it’s exciting because you will never know what lies behind. Yea, it’s true as we go on, we are always surprise of things, especially by the phenomenon called delayed.

This trip is truly a test of patience for from the very start while we just have reached the bus terminal in Pasay, our ability to wait was being tried. In our reserved ticket our departing time is 3;45, so our team went to the terminal an hour before the said time. However, that said time was not followed, our bus came at 7:00 pm in the evening and we are able to navigate on the road by 8:00 pm. Thanks for the stars and the calm drive that night because somehow the waiting seems worth it.

Like what I have said, this trip is truly a very long, long, long drive that maybe the word long is not appropriate to use. I love just the way this trip it is. We were able to passed at least six provinces in the Philippines and we were able to stare at some tourists spots like the Mayon Volcano and Mt. Bulusan.

The bus travel will stop once we have reached the Matnog Port where we will need to ride a boat (barko) to bring us to Samar then ride the bus again to bring us to Catbalogan. This is another series of waiting because that time only few boat are sailing to and fro to bring passengers and vehicles (since it is a roro boat) to the other side and vice versa. We have arrive in the Port at 11:30 am and our boat came at 7:00 pm and it had started to sail at 9:00 pm (for there are too many things needed to arrange). The wait is still worth it because at the boat we were able to sit in the top, where it is like a rooftop and we can able to have some stargazing and stare at the view of the islands at night. It is truly wonderful especially my churchmates and I have had a wonderful conversation.

After a week, when we needed to go home because the duration of our program is done. We still have faced another series of waiting. We are supposed to ride an airplane yet only a few had booked a ticket because of the time and money shortage. This means that we needed to land travel again for there is no other option. However, when we have come to the terminal, we fail to get a bus because all is fully booked and we needed to wait one week yet we needed to go to Manila now because we have works to attend. We have waited hours in the terminal to try our luck but it really hasn’t on our side so we waited for our Pastor to decide if we can catch the van that someone is offering us. Overall, our time interval before we were able to acquire transportation is almost 8 hours. Then in the port, we needed to wait again for three hours for the boat to come. Again, it was worth it for at last we have reached our Home.

With this, I have come up with a lesson that you need not to consider the waiting period as a wasted time. You don’t need to be affected by it that it will turn you to a worst ill-tempered person. Maybe, that time was given to you to reflect or to let you spend time with who you are with or whatsoever that you need to make use of your time. There is never a wasted time just wasted chances. We just needed to know how to deal with situations and make use of that spare time wisely.

Like this trip, life is a long ride and a series of waiting. It will not give you the satisfaction that what you have set will be the one that will exactly happen because you will always be shocked on how LIFE will surprise you. Better be prepared and be a free-spirit-happy-go-lucky animal so you will not lose of the fun and enjoyment of it. At the end of the day, you’ll still reach you destination, not what you have planned but at least you have gained and reflected something.

As Emerson said, “Life is a journey not a destination”, it is how you spent the journey despite of its bumps and pitfalls, not that you have reached your destination earlier.


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