Awestruck Samar. #SepAnx


Okay. It’s been two weeks since our Mission Trip in Samar yet I still have this what they call Separation Anxiety in this paradise plus of all the experiences that I have encountered there. There are too many heart warming things that had happen to me there, and I still am lost for words on how will I express this adventure of love and compassion that I have. So I  just posted my trying hard photographs of the wonders that have stupefied me when I am there because today I am too overwhelmed by so many things that is happening in my life right now. The pictures are illustrations of how my heart is rejoicing and delighting with the things I tend not to fathom. =D =D =D ❤

RIMG1801 RIMG1802 RIMG1836 RIMG1873 RIMG2001


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