Half of the Year Goals.

Since I have just  graduated last April and I am to begin my first journey in the professional world so I have created this list of where I will use the fruit of my labor in the last six months of this year. If you happen to have an idea of things you are free to suggest it. Believe me that some of this are my first time because the moment I have graduated is the moment that I know I have acquired my freedom (I hope so).

1. Hiking and climb a mountain.

2. Go to a beach alone.

3. Visit at least 3 of my country’s heritage that is a city away.

4. Watch the sunrise and sunset, alone.

5. Track Andres Bonifacio’s trail in Cavite.

6. Read Haruki Murakami’s work. (not in E-Book)

7.  Finished writing a novel.

8. Share my soul through blogging weekly. =P

9. Collect all Paulo Coelho’s. (since I only have 5 of his.), and John Green’s,

10. Explore at least two provinces (or place) in the Philippines.

11. Capture more memories, scenery, etc..

12. Meet and Greet Hale. I want to watch them again LIVE. I was grade 6 when I have done this.

13. Read 60 books for my Goodread’s challenge.

14. Start a small group. (something Christian stuff related)

15. Commit in a ministry (another Christian stuff).

16. More outreaches and missions. =D =D.

17. Attend one of my favorite international author book signing.

18. Pass the LET.

19. Make a friend through blogging. (since I don’t do this…)

20. try to Fall in L♥ve


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