Reunited. (and a series of realizations)

11391297_1128813757134831_1681356506716982216_n      Last Wednesday, a friend of mine had celebrated her 20-teen-th birthday and it was so unexpected and unplanned for us to celebrate it, another friend had just pulled me out of our house and brought me to that friend of mine’s crib and commanded me to knock at their gate so we can surprise her with a pizza party. They are both my high school  girlfriends. It is one blast of a celebration and reunion because it’s been years since we have this laugh-all-you want bonding however our circle are not complete because this birthday bash is so impromptu and their houses are so far away.

Being with them makes me realize things that I know I can only have with them (not with just  the two of them but with my high school barkada as well)


1. We are guilty of gluttony. Imagine that we have two boxes of pizza, family size pizza yet there are only three of us. True that we have lend some to my friend’s cousin, yet we still have eaten too much. Include the fact that we have eaten our dinner already and after the pizza eating contest, we went to family mart for some ice cream.

2. It is only with them that I can only express how crazy, weird and out of this world I am because when I am in college, people have their standards on how to act and doing stuffs that out of that standards are considered childish. I am free with them and so they are with me. #compatibility

3. Selfie moments with them is not for the sake that you have something to post in social media instead it is a bonding moment together to collect something that you can laugh about until we grow old.

4. FUN is define as doing stuffs other people on our age won’t do cause we are 20-teen stucked in highschoolers mind. (though I haven’t turn 20-teen yet)

5. It is with them that I am not conscious of what other thinks about us. I never felt that I am ashamed laughing out loud in a public convenient store.

6. Maybe, friendship is a matter of who are willing to match your stupidity, craziness, insanity and out-of-this-world-ness.

  To cut this long enumeration, I have realized that there are things that never change when we are talking about friendship. There are things that will remain there even if we grow up and even if we are set apart by time and even if we have been matured by circumstances because that is simply part of who we are and what are friendship are.

11401361_1128815733801300_2933853154547441831_n 11427198_1128815300468010_6128598088808573983_n 11535886_1128813707134836_4328512662038256776_n 11391348_1128817197134487_9073496879158377570_nP.S. Friendship is also series of getting fat together.


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