Turning Point.

College graduation doesn’t really mean that you are a long time prisoner and it is your liberation day. If you are one of the many people who see it like that then you have been fooled. The truth is, finishing your formal education and turning the tussle to the other side is the sign of your last day in the playground of the idealist life. It is just a moment you are to a enjoy the taste of a little fruit of life. What matters most is what will happen to you after that day? The day you are to call a “professional”.

And it is truly a freaking truth. After that emotional “This-Is-The-Moment-Feels” of the Graduation Rites, you are declared as unemployed and you are to face the burden of looking for a job. You need to face the real world. You need to truly work hard for you to LIVE and make a LIVING.

As a fresh grad,for me, the idea of facing the real world is kind of scary and exciting. It is the working job we are talking about here. It is what I am to encounter and let’s include the fact that I am going to be a teacher, one of the most martyr and tiring  yet noblest of the noblest job. Exciting, for it will be another taste of life’s real adventure, plus since this is one of the great turning point of my life, I have decided to leave my comfort zone by going away from the serenity of my dearest hometown and stand on my own. (Add also the fact that I idealistically get hired in a not-so-low salary institution despite to what the city life can offer me due to my teaching philosophy)

Right now, I am in the amidst of remorse, breaking down and giving up. I want to back out and stop this already even if the school year had just started. I have thousands of fear within me. I am afraid that it won’t mold me to be the best I am. because of what I am encountering. I am terrible with the thought that I might have turn my  back with the foundations that I have gain in my ideal training in my beloved Alma Mater. I am scared of getting homesick and won’t be able to surpass it, and that I can’t adjust with this little town life. All my life I have lived in a megacity. These are bugging my overthinking coconut. They are pushing me to just paused and never play this role. part of life. This change in my life. This freaking turning point.

Yet, I can’t, I really needed not to try. Students will face the consequence of my selfishness. They are the generation we needed to empower the most. My parents will get mad at me because of being irresponsible. I have the chance on living life astray. I might got envy with everybody’s professional life because I deject to continue my journey. My life will be the one who will paused not the world. And it will be the greatest regret I am to make if I am to follow my foul rationalization.

This is life. This is reality. I don’t need to pause because I cannot accept this turning point. I needed this for I needed to grow. I have to learn LIFE and make a real living. Fears are just a product of my thoughts. It is all on my mind and its still not happening. It is up to me. My deeds. It is a decision of a life time to where will I lead this life turning point. Will I wreck it or be a part of the catalyst of a better world.

I can do this. We can do this. For a better world, Cheers for us Fresh Grads. =D ❤


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