Two Decades of Living.

Since I have turned twen-teen (cause I am a teen alwaysssss) days ago, I have some things to think about and U have tries to write what LIFE had taught me in my two decades of existence.

Here is my list.

  1. You have to accept everything. All those stuffs  that you have and you don’t have. All those situations you are in, even if it is the worst. All those things that the “stars” have aligned to you, and all those that miracles cannot change.
  2. The world just need a little appreciation and if you fail to do that every day, everything will feels so wrong and you will see your world falling down.
  3. Mistakes and being wrong doesn’t mean we are dumb. It is just a way of life to convince us to keep on trying and trying and trying and knowing and seeking and learning and learning and learning……
  4. Put a little HOPE in your heart in everyday, so that whatever happens you will not be down six feet underground.
  5. Once in a while, go out of your jail and try something new.
  6. It is not experience who is the best teacher, EVALUATE it so it can be.
  7. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t go on what is hot, and you needed not to meet the world’s standard. It’s cool to be different. BE UNIQUE.
  8. Being ALONE is not that sad as you think.. Our soul needs it’s quietude too. You need to listen to your heart.
  9. We live by the CHOICES we MAKE.Live and embrace consequences.
  10. Pain is something we cannot be avoid.
  11. Change is powerful.

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