#1. Blog Title.

Pieces and Breathing.

(just a series of how to live in a mind like mine)


Since I have started blogging, I have changed my blogs title for at least three time until I have settled with this title. Pieces and Breathings.(that is actually wrong grammar) But I have chosen this as final because it really fits the reason of my blog.


I have created my blog because I want to write and I want to share the pieces that I am writing even if they are not masterpieces. I just want to express things and be myself believing that somehow, somewhere, someone will read it and maybe they can relate with me. That we have experienced the same sentiments or that we had think the same things. Or maybe I inspired him or her or whatever. =D


Everything that I post here in my blog is the pieces of my thoughts and the breathings of my heart. I just wanted to express how ideas are running through my mind, what my soul had been telling me or what hardship I am experiencing. =D



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