#2 20 Facts About Me

12062013(007)1. I am always proud when I am called a GEEK. There is something in it that makes me feel proud cause I am weird and different.

2. I love reading and sometimes I wish that my job description is to read. I am a proud book worm.

3. I am not ashamed of self talking even in front of the crowd.

4. I love color pink but it is not intended that all my stuffs (in a bag) is pink.

5. I do not watch a lot. For me watching a television is for lazy people. (yet I consider myself a lazy people)

6. I am near to having an agoraphobia.

7. I am a fan of HALE. Yes. I honestly wish that my someone had a voice like Champ.

8. When the teacher (or anyone) asks to draw something, I am one of the  most frustrated human being.

9. I am straight forward, tactless and impulsive.

10. I think I have to see a shrink because I consider my self to have an Emotional Behavioral Disorder.

11. I love doing things alone.

12. Going to mall and having some shopping is the most boring activity for me. It makes me feel sleepy.

13. I am in denial of my astigmatism and I do not  wear my glasses on a daily basis.

14. I don’t know how to submit to authority especially when I know that they are part of the crowd who doesn’t strive hard on making a difference. Or they are known as the person who goes with the flow.  #IfYouKnowWhatIMean

15. It feels like Paulo Coelho’s is becoming my Bible or next to  my Bible. (Sorry Lord.)

16. I am a trying hard Non-Conformist and I am an Idealist.

17. I am obsess with photography. I want to be a subject of photography. (Like the model) and I am also a frustrated photographer. LOL.

18.I want to have my Elijah Montefalco (character in a wattpad story Until Trilogy)

19. I love procrastinating.

20. I am a teacher.


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