Break the chain.

Nowadays, the world is far a better place. There are too many things that we do not want to believe that is really happening. Heartbreaking events that make us all tremble and become skeptic of the world we are living and  doubt the people we are encountering. These contaminate our minds and mold us to be someone who will do everything to fight and protect herself or himself. We always have the urge to do things that will bring us to something better. And maybe that instinct lead this planet we called home to be a dog-eat-dog society. We are willing to trample (or flatten) our neighbors for us to look superior or be in good terms. Thus, doing bad things had becoming a good reason for our own good. Maybe this is part of Weber’s  “Irrationality of the Rational”

Being an inhabitant of the Earth, I know I am one of these people who do such things. Who is part of the I’m-Hurt-So-I’ll-Hurt cycle. I am just like any other impulsive and selfish human being who will do everything for my comfort and boost my ego. But there are times that I am in some spur of the conscience moment, where I will regret what I have done because my morality tells it’s wrong. (and I am being rational that it is right). Though I am comforted by my reason, deep down me, it creeps me out. That I am truly a wicked wretched beast who only thinks of herself and tend to forget that I am not the only creature existing here. I am one of the reason why this world is a miles away to be called HOME. It is just a House.

But as I come to think of it, I have pondered that maybe we are all just victims of the cruel things. We turn to be a wicked man because we are bound by the need to be one. There is an urge inside us that makes us not want to be looked down so we need to show them we aren’t by fighting. Or maybe we need to fight because we are hurt and we felt that we should seek for revenge. We want others to also experience what we just have, and that others will also have that thinking and so on and so forth and the cycle goes on and on.

And that made the whole wide world mad and chaotic. We are paralyzed by this world’s standards that we forgot what it is to be “Human”.

As I write this, and I hope you are getting my point…

Let me ask you..

Aren’t you sick of these? Can’t we free ourselves to these chains we are shackled? Can’t we break the cycle? Don’t we want to change these… to something truly BETTER ?

The simple actions are the root of the bigger problems we have. Those small petty fights can cause a war (maybe a world war). Remember in World History, most of the war started because of our narrow mindedness. Those small shaming and bullying leads to social discrimination, division of races and countries. Our love for money and desire for power gives birth to power hungry and corrupt politicians. These and so many things to be named are the fruit of our selfishness and created a world that we have now. And as I believe in the effect of little things I know we can still make a difference. If  only we are willing to fight how our river is flowing, if we are ready to sail the boat the other way around.

Too many personalities quoted, influential or not quoted that the fraud people are those who just blink their eyes in the reality they have seen. And maybe we are not that ignorant and dangerous to just shrug our shoulders in the ugly truth we are enduring. We can still do something about this world and lead it to a journey to be much of a better place than to what it is becoming right now.

Let us keep in mind that simple acts are the key to greater things. and maybe that is how we will break the chain we are manacled.



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