Letter To Someone Who Never Enter.

This letter should be the end of my hope in you… coming back or a delusion of an “us”. In the first place we never happen. It just that. I fell into the pits of trickery. When people tries to take cupid role, sometimes you are deceived that you are really struck by his arrow.

Maybe I really did like you, or maybe not. I have been hypnotized by the people trying to match us two and it kept me thinking of you. For them we are good two-gether. We are both fresh grad, we both have a degree. We are compatible for them because you are the only guy to know that can fit in my personality.

I feel like they are brain washing me to like you. They are trying to tell me, we are really good for each other. I tried to get to know you by stalking your accounts. Somehow, I get interested with you. Through social media, my mind begins to be curious with your soul. Maybe it’s true. we are exact opposite yet actually the same. We have similarities yet we are truly different person. And it is my fault that I have given the idea that maybe they are right… may be we are a good combination.

However, everything is a tricked. it is really nothing. truly, nothing. It is just a joke that I tried to take seriously. We are really never getting together. We are just acquaintances who doesn’t have special relationship. It was I who thinks of an “us”. It was I who believes of the possibilities, of the maybe(s). The strings do not connect our fate. You are never “the one that got away”. For the first place there is nothing that goes between us.

You are just a passerby in my life. You don’t knock the door. You never enter my heart nor my soul.


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