It doesn’t matter, really.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter. It never really does.

If you are the only santan in the garden surrounded by roses. It does not matter. If you are unconscious of your appearance and everyone is staring at you because you are the only T-Shirt girl in the crowd for you are not that interested in fashion and you don’t care if your bag is signatured or branded or if you are cool with your fading sneakers. Maybe your hairs is just on it’s plain dirty bun or ponytail and you are okay with face powder and you don’t play the palette and do not put shade on your face. It doesn’t really matter. Flash a wide smile and feel proud. You are modeling your real natural beauty. You define simplicity and elegance.

If you are the left alone mixed tape in between thousands of  DVDs. It is very much okay. If you do not care on what is the latest, famous and trending. And you don’t want to give a damn on what is the crowd’s favorite. It doesn’t really matter. Vintage is always appreciated. Classics is always the best. Cherish the bliss of enjoying the moment of what you love and what is cool for you.

If you are the syncopated note in the scale, or the flower among the bushes. Don’t sweat about it. If they think you are weird because you think uniquely. If your life is different than other. If you are not ashame doing crazy stuffs in the standards of the world yet you are happy anyway. If you are too loud because you want to express you are in euphoria or if you are too silent because you feel peace in that. If you want to patch dress that seems unmatched in their standards. It is okay. It is better. It is cool.

Be non-nonchalant about it. Flash your ever widest smile and walk like you are in a catwalk. You are just living your life the way you will enjoy it. You are just taking the advice of “Carpe Diem” as you are informed that you have only one life, so YOLO or YODO (You only die once) better live it. You don’t have time for regret for you are a busy creature enjoying your life as the greatest adventure. You don’t live by other opinion.

So, just breathe and live life. Going against the flow is the best decision you ever made because it means you are choosing a life in euphoria.



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