Books that affect my 2015

So, I want to share my reading adventure this year. This can be a spoiler =D

  1. Norwegian Wood  by Haruki Murukami  –IMG_20150916_185231Ever since my friend got obsessed with Haruki Murukami’s book, I always want to read his especially this Norwegian Wood that she always talks about. I am too curious. And yes it is true, Murukami deserves all the applause. He is true  one hell of  the best  writer. I have the feeling that this book was written for me. I feel like I am Toru Watanabe that it sucks to live in a memory. To remember everything like how it seems to be. To always reminisce the most cherishing and unforgettable moments. And it hurts to know that they are never coming back, they are never going to happen again. And you will end up living in regrets. In Toru’s case, he become a lone wanderer. He traveled Japan like he is a man without a life. What is good is at the end, he choose to LIVE as in live.


2. Witch of Portabello  by Paulo Coelho


This is about Athena, a human creature but treated as if she is not. She lives her life by following what rejoices her soul even if it seems weird to others. She was branded as a witch because what she do is a stereotype of a witch. However, with her existence there are many life that had been touched, there are many souls that had been redeemed of dying. People thinks she is starting a (maybe) cult or something bad because she is gaining so many followers even if she is just helping them to redeem their lost soul. In the end there are many threat in Athena’s life that led to her being brutally murdered. I love reading this book. It is calming because no matter how she was hated by the society her soul is at peace. It teaches me to go on even if I don’t go along with the society.

3. The Selection Series by Keira Cass- The series is my type of dystopian fairytale. This may seem shallow and very hopeless romantic yet I love Kiera Cass’s idea of an ideal society. What leaders do we need to have – compassion. I also admire her future predictions of America to be Illea (and that soon China will rule the world). Events can really lead US to democracy being a monarchy. The series empowers women a lot. It gives voices that women can also lead, but the good rhing is men is not left below. She emphasizes equity a lot.

4. And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini


Another novel that deserve a standing ovation. K.H. is really a very influential writer in my life because at the end of his books there is something in my ind that will make “the mountains echoed”. The book helps me deepen my compassion and tells me that I need to do something not just think. The book is a series of story of different people (related to each other and to one whole story) that will make you realize all the different people that we have hear in this planet. And all will say that we need to care more. love. care more. love more. and do something.

5. A Miracle by Jessamine Versoza


This is a Filipino Young Adult book that will help you realize that in the worst situations there are things we can consider a miracle and we need to look for it by appreciating every little things that is happening to us. The story is gloomy and heartbreaking. Very harsh and sometimes exaggerated, but that is what makes the story good. That is how the story will lead you to it’s message.

5. This Earth of Mankind by Pramoedya Ananta Toer – Reading this shatters my heart into pieces. You will totally sigh “Ahh.. this earth of mankind..“. This book is too Marxist but that is what reality is. We are divided by our class, race, nationality etc. That affects too much of our lives especially during the setting of the story, Age of Imperialism, when Indonesia was East Indies owned by the Dutch. It will makes you question humanity.

7. Les Miserables by Victor Hugo – Heartbreaking. (period)

The fate of Jean Valjean makes me literally cry after reading it but I like the change he made in his life. He proves that an act of kindness will lead you to your life’s turning point. However, he was forever judged by the society because he stole something because he is dying of hunger (and they have a luxurious government)

8. Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger – Holden Couffield ( I forget the spelling) changes my life. When I met his character, I know we share something similar. We just want to be the Catcher in the Rye. It is hard to deal with people when their view disappoints us. It is scary, but the truth change is just a scary thing.

I think I’ve read too much classics for this year (so it is an achievement). I am more than willing to read what is your good book for this year and you can recommend me something. =D =D


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