To Someone Who is to Come (part two)

(I’ve written this on a Sunday and I feel like posting it right now..)

This is my second letter of waiting for you. =)

Like before, I am not hurrying you up. I am having the time of my life and I know you are having yours as well. I have really savoring that “something” in singleness and being alone. I know that someday, when you come we are going to miss being alone, so let us cherish it right now, eh?

I am just wondering where you are right now?

Today is a Sunday and  I hope you have attended church and have some fellowship with your churchmates. Well, for me. Don’t worry, I have. It was just sad that I missed having  moments with them. Sort of a consequences of working far away from home, and to them as well. I really do missed a lot of occasions.

I hope soon, we can talk about so many things. Like, what is the pastor’s message for today and our reflections about that. Our frustrations, struggles, dreams and aspirations. everything that we needed to share or express that we cannot unveil because we are scared of the world. I love long talks,deep conversations or even just a random non sense yet somehow matters. I do enjoy moment of making noises. worthy noises.

Right now, I  am in a coffee shop. My favorite branch of this capitalized brand that I used to hate before but for the love of coffee, books, cozy places and alone time, I had already liked this place. Coffeehouses and reading gives me solemnity that this turned out to be my hideout whenever I want to ditch the world. So, when you are looking for me, you know where to find me, huh? I might be there reading, writing and daydreaming. So, you need not to bother me.

So, I am wondering what interests you? What do you want to do? What are your passions? Do you love reading too? Hmm, I am dreaming of you as someone who loves music. You love strumming the guitar or playing the keyboard. I want someone musically inclined because all in my mother clan is, and I am the syncopated note in their music. I sucked at making music big time.

I also, wish you are fond of photography. I would love being the subject of your lens. =D ❤

so, that’s for now. If you still haven’t came this year. I am going to write again ’till you come and I can hand this to yours.Just continue enjoying life and cherish every “single” moment. I am just here continually praying for you.

’till my next bored moments.


without wax,


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