Tanay Trike Adventure

Because my body needs a taste of adventure and March 26 seems like a rest day for my friend and I, we had planned a trip to make most of that day by going to a nearby town in Metro Manila.

We have gone to the province of Tanay, Rizal which is known as the “Adventure Capital of Rizal “. There are many places here where you can awaken your adrenaline rush, example is cave trekking, climbing a mountain, bathe in falls and running river and many many more.

As for our itinerary; Calinawan Cave, Daranak Falls, San Ildefonso de Toledo Church and Parola. We went to this destinations by renting and riding a tricycle. The vehicle gives more thrilling experience in our getaway, including that the road is bumpy and zigzag.



My Friend, Her mom and I before entering the Calinawan Wave.



Entrance of Calinawan Cave

We had first enter the Calinawan Cave with our tour guide. The cave is said to have what they called “five layers” but we had only walk up to the second layer because my friend’s mom said to stop. Calinawan Cave is said to be historical, and it was named after that even, where the American and Filipino talked some clarifications during the 1901 war. It is also nostalgic to enter the cave because it had been used in many Pinoy movies and telenobelas. So while inside the cave, our tour guide always said ”this is where the… shoots one of their scene”



Crawling and Glam Shot. We have to crawl to enter the second layer.

Entering the cave is a very thrilling experience. There are time that you need to crawl and totally bend your body so you can go on without getting an injury, especially bumping your head to the rocks. It is also amazing to encounter firsthand those stalagmites and stalactites, which I have known that they are the type of rocks na “kapag hinawakan, namamatay”.  


Inside the Cave.

Inside the Cave.

Exit of the Cave.

Our next stop is the Daranak Falls, however we aren’t able to stay there longer because there are too many people as in literally MANY people. We aren’t able to captivate it’s beauty. When we take a dip the water is deep, almost five feet and they say that in the middle near the water falls it is almost 10 feet. I can’t really swim deeper than my height. (I’m bad at that)


Blockbuster Daranak Falls. (Low Quality Camera, tho)

Our last part is taking a peek at the town’s historical church built during the Spanish Era and the Parola, overlooking the Laguna de Bay. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to go up to the lighthouse because the care taker is out and the gate is locked.


Parola. (Lighthouse)


Laguna de bay.


Parola Selfie.




This is a sculpture carved in the trunk of a tree. Plus it has baybayin script that I cannot read.


San Ildefonso de Toledo Church.

  After all, I have enjoyed this trip because I had the chance to get to know one town in my dearest country. I can truly say that “It’s more fun in the Philippines”. You needed not to go to mainstream spots, you just need a desire to explore. =D =D


It’s a relaxing trip.

Forgive me. My first time writing my travel escapade. 


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