Hope in my fellowmen.



As the election results had been revealed, it is becoming obvious who the Filipinos decided to give the chance to lead them (us), serve them (us) and live in the Malacanang Palace.

In my part, I had been sad and disappointed on who leads in the presidential race. There are things in my point of view as an educator that scares me over the person that the majority wants to win the position. I am threatened by his capacity to kill a person and by the value he had modeled in front of the national television. However, I understand my fellow citizen on choosing him. I had heard their  cry for change and better life. A life of peace and order where the candidate is known of. They had rooted on him as their president for he is not the traditional politician we encounter. He has the angst and willpower every Filipino can relate to. They can see in him the image of an ordinary Filipino. With him, I am hoping that he can do something better to our country that he is really not the trapo and charismatic leader everyone is tired of. And, I hope he is the man who every Filipino will surely follow.

With the vice presidential race, I was saddened because in the early days of releasing the result a Marcos had been leading the race. The majority of Filipino people had been betting and cheering for him to win the race. I know that most of the citizen of my beloved nation had known the Marcos on the so-called progress they had brought to them, but those things had blinded them so that they couldn’t see what had happened in the society during the Martial law era. The term golden age they had been branding in that period was the true nightmare of our history. As a student of history, I am really weeping for their view about this era because I can feel that the people, mostly unnamed, who had offered and sacrificed their lives for the democracy of this country had become worthless. Because the people that they had died for didn’t give value and didn’t know the essence of what they had fought for. We never learn from our history, that is why the fire keeps burning on and on and on. Maybe, my professor in Issues of Phil. History is right when he told us that we need a generation to change the mindset of the citizens of this country, and change must be done first in our four walled classroom.and there are still hope in me that BBM will not win the VP race.  I don’t want to risk the fate of my beloved country.

As new leader sit in the position they are aiming, as new set of people had been given a chance to lead and serve the Filipinos. I am hoping that all of what they had promised during the campaign period are not just sketch but a dream come true for the betterment of the country. That they are not the leaders we are tired of encountering, yet they are leaders who really had the vision to see our country raising in the coming years.Leaders who are not blinded by the prestige and power. And as my fellow countrymen shouts for change, I just hope that everyone do. That we are screaming CHANGE for a better life. That we should start it in our selves, that we will be the  concerned and good citizen of this country. The improvement of this nation requires everyone to level up, not just the leaders. It is everyone’s role to build nation and lead the country to what we had dreamed it to be. As Benjamin Franklin popularize, “Ask not what the government can do for you, ask what you can do your country”. It is up to every “you” that will build or destroy our beloved Philippines.


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