Other Pair

(this is actually a letter to someone. lol. read at your own risk anyway)

   Everyone thinks that their lifetime goal is to look for-or be with- their better half.That finding them means completeness and fulfillment. That with their presence we can make our whole lifetime, worthwhile. For life is meant to be lived with a pair, like bread tastes better with butter, or the hook is purposeless without the eye, the pen is nothing without a paper. And Adam is lonely without Eve. Thus, people theorizes that we cannot something successfully if we don’t find the fingers that will fit in ours perfectly.

     According to a Greek legend, during the ancient times, man has said to have four legs and four arms that makes him powerful and scare the most powerful god. So, Zeus decided to cut them into half, so they can only be great and unbeatable when they can find their other half, which is called their soulmates. With this belief, everyone adapted it. Everyone seems motivated in searching for their other half. Literature, T.V Show, Movie had also set this as standard for everybody, especially to girls who are fanatic of fairy tales.

   As early as an ancient time the belief was embodied in the heart of every human being lived in this planet. We can’t go on without a partner. we can’t what we are suppose to be when we can’t find our other half. Our life is dull in the absence of a soulmate. Everyone is meant to have a pair, as started by Adam and Eve, followed by  the King and Queen, Duke and Duchess, Prince and Prince, Mickey and Minnie,  Donald and Daisy, Edward and Bella and the list goes on and on and on….

   And sometimes, I wonder… If you are Adam and I am Eve. Then why the rest of the world is against us. Why are we separated and our worlds won’t clashed again? Why can’t we find each other and be together?

    Maybe, because legend are just make believe stories passed generations from generations. Legends make our life a lie. They are not true, they are not factual, they don’t have evidences but History does and History junked the idea that everyone suppose to have a pair.

   If we will go back to the pages of History, or the artifacts that was shown in the museum, the legend impart to us will become a total fallacy.Because there are too many great people in the folds of History that became powerful without an “other half” and most of them brought their land to a golden era. Some of them are, Elizabeth the I, Cleopatra, Nefertiti,  and the list goes on….

   And maybe that is what we can count ourselves too. We can be better without each other. We can do our best and led out lives to our golden age if we two aren’t a pair. We can stand with our own, we have a pair of feet and if we are just going to fool ourselves with make believe truth without evidence, then we cannot totally have the time of our lives.



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