Break out of your silence; Stop ignoring.


   What happened to us? Where is the humanity leading our race? What does it really means in their “change is coming” advocacy? Where do our country’s front liners bringing us? These and many questions had been rumbling in my mind recently. I can’t bear thinking about them anymore. The visions of what the president’s reign might be totally are scaring me.

   I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to be the “most dangerous person” whom Paulo Coelho had been talking about I want to do something on all the unpleasant news I am hearing lately, and it hurts to know that we are just tolerating these for our own sake. It stings like a trackerjacker to observe that its okay to witness killings and murders  since they are drug lords, drug addicts, pushers and juvenile people. Plus, their death might be the answer in our countries problem in crime rate and security. How self-righteous of us?

  It makes me weep when everyone is emphasizing “Change is Coming”  as it is the government’s advocacy. How can there is change when we are not even giving those people a chance to change? The elimination of their lives is certainly not the best solution to have a peace and harmonious life in our country. Those people who had used drugs had an outcry in our society and  government. They also longs for a secure and peaceful community, it just happened that they had found illegal drugs as their harbor. there are too many life-shaking reasons that people got clicked with those stones and that is something the government and the rest of us should solve altogether. We are part of the country. The government is part of the country. They are part of the country. We needed to be one and their lives are precious as ours.

     Doesn’t it bothers you when the president said that human rights is far from his concern? And that he wanted to leave a mark like Uganda’s Idi Amin? Well, I am telling you it causes my heart to beats fast and it sends shiver to my spine. Maybe we needed  to read the pages of our world history and rediscover the importance and essence of human right,s as well as to empathize with the Ugandan’s what it feels to live during the ruling of that mad African dictator. And, may be in that vision we can truly ponder what does peace and security really means.

     I am not telling that our president might not do something good in the coming years.I am asking you to stop ignorance. We need to speak out and not just roll our eyes in the amidst of morality crisis, not just because someone we love is at risk of this but because we are one country and we are all part of this. We are going to earn the might be consequences of this in the near future. Maybe you are thinking that their death is the key for the secure and comfortable life you are yearning, yet it is a total fallacy it just emphasizes the activity that it is okay to steal a life. We all know it is not, so let’s start doing something now.

     We all want to see our dearest country at its peak of progress. Let us might as well do something about it, and be a total part of the real change is coming with a genuine and pure heart loving everything and everyone in our motherland.


3 thoughts on “Break out of your silence; Stop ignoring.

  1. valentinlee says:

    This is really true. And it’s hard now to say anything especially in Facebook where people who are desperate for change bully others that say otherwise. I don’t know what to do myself.

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