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Autumn. I forgot the title.

One of the things I am actually enjoying is mesmerizing artworks and different paintings. I love wondering things on what brought them to that end product. I am always fascinated with looking through them and trying to analyze what that certain piece tells. What does this wanted to convey in the minds of the viewer? What does the artists wanted to express? What message can I get through seeing through it’s symbolism and metaphors. (Being a Dan Brown fan makes me totally metaphors, symbols and code hungry)


Pinto Museum Roofdeck. View from the amphitheater.

As a part of my 2016 bucket list, of course I needed to visit new art museum and swallow and dig for new perspectives of art, aside from what I am always seeing (National Art Gallery), so my friend and I traveled the mountain sides of Antipolo and finally visit the Pinto Art Museum.

Pinto Art Museum, is an outdoor type of museum. It is a 1.3 hectare art paradise built in a Greek type of architecture. It has six galleries, that was really different from the normal museum type. It has a garden of sculpture. Has roofdeck reserve to view and mesmerized the sunset. The ambiance is totally relaxing and calming and you can totally savor every artworks, like painting, murals, sculpture, installations.



 Visiting Pinto Art Gallery renewed my mind to Filipino Art, which is usually underappreciated in a country like the Philippines (and it is another article to write). It is good thing to me to encounter new names of artists in our country aside from the common such as Luna, Hidalgo, Fracncisco. So it is an opportunity to meet names and admire them for being such a great talent. Since the museum showcase modern painters so it is a totally wow for me. It had really made me to wander through the for how many hours.


 The painting above with my presence doing some face palm, is my most favorite artwork so far. That is called U-Turn by, Antonio Leaño. According to it’s description it a parodized Spoliarium, however it depicts the death of humanity and how we never woke up with what is murdering our soul.The style of this painting is also monochromatic and at the same time darker than Luna’s romantic style.

  The painter’s name captures my mind because there are many work there that he created and really made me dumbfounded and stare for like five minutes to really analyze the works, most especially the mysterious installation, which is the attraction in the gallery. It is named “Forest” it is filled with bamboo trees, with wells and a sound effect. It really puzzled me, however, I wasn’t  able to take photos because I thought it is prohibited.


 The two photos above also amazed be, for it is very different in my perspective. Both has the same artist, I lose track of the name and artist yet they are both crated with crochet. The second photo creeps me out, because it is a paradise with a fairy or a goddess yet it has a big black bear at the back of the pretty lady.


  When I first saw the piece at my back, it really catches my attention because it is color pink. However, I forget to read what is written on the board so it shocks me to see that this one is a very liberated one. That particular room is  rated SPG, and it can’t cater perverted and conservative people, also close minded. The background portrays someone licking someone’s private part. (Photo Below). Inside the room it has two version and a mirror in the middle with a message (photo below). To be honest, when I have captured the mirror photo I haven’t read the message yet.

  Pinto Art Gallery deserves to be visited again and again and again, because one day is not enough to mesmerized each piece of art. I promise myself to come back there because I am “bitin” and it was raining when we get there. But, I am encouraging you to pay a visit. it is very very worth it.

Enjoy the photos.



According to my friend’s perspective, the painting tells about the Filipino Culture of “Chismis (gossips)” where it was seen on whatever class you belong.


It is raining, in the amphitheater. #OOTD


Since it is a part of Antipolo, Rizal expect to have too much stairs and be ready to experience hundred times of going up and going down.


View above the rooftop.

14101800_1107835839254925_1032228795_n (1)

“Sweet sila oh…”



Seriously reading the info…


Emo lang.


Abstract art. This is a three piece mural entitled “Panalo”




While Eve is waiting for Adam, she dances with the tree of life.



Another view.



This installation is  very rebellios. ❤ LOL


Gloomy Aura at the top of the roof deck. 


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