Conquering Life like Climbing Pamitinan


Being a fresh graduate and new in the phase of life called #Adulting, one of  my bucket list to tick off is climbing mountains, trekking and hiking. I am so curious on why my elder sister had been doing it in her younger years. I want to know what lies up there and how fulfilling to be  going up there to the summit. I’ve already experience the  last two but the first one, to be honest I needed to wait two years for it to happen, the weather is totally not a good friend of mine.

In order for this adventure to happen, a friend of mine had ask her former teacher, who is a pro in this activity, to lend us a hand and be our guide. She had arranged our #FirstClimb in a mountain where we can see that this activity is a not easy one, or not something we can belittle no matter what is the given difficulty index. She chooses Mt. Pamitinan, one of the mountains that lie within the town of Montalban in Rizal. It is a legendary mountain in relation to Bernardo Carpio and  our Katipunan (one of their hideout). It is not so high yet climbing it is really tough for first timers like us.

I am too energetic and excited while we are on our way to the location. I am so happy knowing that one of this teenager dreams coming true. Yet, I’ve realized that going up takes a lot of strength, we are still on the 1/4 of the trail but my heart is totally pounding tired like it wanted to go down and not continue the madness I wanted to fulfill. I have asthma so I have excuse but I’ve told myself that I will never know the answer of how joyful it is to reach the summit. Giving up to a little hardship means giving up greater things.

Striking a pose when we reached the sign that we have reached at least one fourth of our journey.

After we have reached the junction, or the middle of our trail, the challenges had become tougher for we have started “boldering” , where our path become “rockies”- to go up, we needed to walk on rocks, very edgy rocks. It is totally exhilarating, it really need a lot of balancing and logic upon figuring where can we able to step our feet and continue go higher. As we reach the summit, the rocks had been edgier and steeper, where you will totally feel hopeless and just wanted to go down. But this is already it, I am near to my ever first summit, plus it is totally illogical to go down. So why give up? I need to focus on my goals to achieve.

Up there, at the summit, lies a very wonderful view. We can see the vast of the Montalban, and all the other mountains that lie there. It is such and awestruck wonder. There wil you realize that we are just a tiny spectacle here in this world. We are nothing but humans, inhabitant of this world. The view is so breathtaking it all paid up the hardworks of going up. I totally feel triumphant.


If there  is hardship in going up, of course going down is totally difficult as well. Just like in politics, it is so hard to leave the position once the term is done. Yet we needed to descend, the mountains are not ours to stay there for so long. Our path going down is not an easy one because it is a traverse where we needed to experience river crossing.


Wawa Dam at it’s finest

At the end of the day, I have really enjoyed this adventure. I go home experiencing an ankle break and a wounded legs, but everything is paid off.T’was worth it. I still wanted to climb another one, but this time I needed to prepare.

Let me end this with a quote, one that inspires me to try mountain climbing. Thanks for Paulo Coelho for encouraging me further to go on adventure.


Know how to get close to it: mountains are often seen from far off – beautiful, interesting, full of challenges. But what happens when we try to draw closer? Roads run all around them, flowers grow between you and your objective, what seemed so clear on the map is tough in real life. So try all the paths and all the tracks until eventually one day you’re standing in front of the top that you yearn to reach.

  • Paulo Coelho

Some our are pictures.


Playing with the rocks. #boldering


Rest and strike a pose.


I’m on the edge of the rock.


Kapit pa.


Summit view.


Summit view.


with my fave travel buddy. #ThatFeetThingy


summit selfie




Bernard Carpio’s face.


Descend Selfie


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