Go High, Albay !


     Serendipity is the word used in Science to describe those unexpected discoveries. Can I also use this word to coined our trip to Albay, Bicol? My colleagues didn’t actually planned to go here it just happen that in the middle of our department meeting, we talk about having a bonding time together to wrap up the school year , and then voila, our beloved and gorgeous coordinator invited us to her captivating hometown; Polangui, Albay in Bicol Region.

    For me, this jaunt was my first travel without the someone who belongs to my comfort zone. I enjoy being with my colleagues but I have trust issues and tends to be worrisome so this is totally taking risks for me, knowing that going to provinces in Bicol is totally a long drive. Also, this is  my first time riding a bus and sitting in the last row. I think I totally appreciate all the zigzag and bumpy roads we had encounter. Thank God, I’m not byahilo.


    Albay signifies the famous perfect cone and very aggressive volcano, Mt. Mayon and the moment we had reached our destination, our coordinator told us to go there at the Cagsawa Ruins and gaze Mayon at it’s finest. The saddest fort is the cloudy day, Magayon (according to legend she is Mt. Mayon) seems like hiding from me. Of course being histroy and geography geek, I am at my happiest because lies in front of me, is one of the country’s leading tourist spot. During my Samar trip, I had already a glimpse of this mountain and I’m going to tell you that it’s different to look at it with it’s twin legend, the Cagsawa Ruins. I was really having a total moment of #FaceToFaceWithHistory


Mt. Mayon at her finest with the Cagsawa Bell Tower. #TravelPH


The Cagsawa Bell Tower, the only left remains of the Cagsawa Church. Years ago, when the volcano one erupted, the whole church except the bell tower was overwhelmed and the people believing that the church is the most secured place went there. #DepressingRight


With the ruins. #PoseLikeAPro

    After our visit in this famous ruins, we are supposed to head at the Sumlong Lake for a better view of volcano, and experience sailing there under the sunset. However, the weather (it rains) doesn’t want us to, maybe in our next visit. We just went back to our host’s home, riding a tricycle from DARAGA to POLANGUI. T’was no joke and a challenge of leg endurance sitting there, us six like a sardines but it’s enjoying because of the scenery and the countryside vibes. Everything about it is very relaxing.

   On our way home, we had passed through the town that had been washed out by Typhoon Reming, due to some ashfall coming from the Mayon that led to a landslide. Our coordinator told us that the houses we see there was just dig by the owner so that they can still have home. As to my reflection, we, excursionist, dreamed of seeing Mayon but the people close to it suffers from the dangerous consequence of being near to the volcano. Some geographical dilemma, yet as my professor in that discipline taught us, there is always danger in every geographical landscapes, it’s a matter of surviving and adapting. And I believe, Bicolanos, are too resilient no matter what natural phenomenon shakes them. (I’m proud to brag this out because my ancestors are Bicolanos)


   As per our second day there, a good Friday, we tried to climb the hill, called Kawa-kawa, a famous pilgrimage site. We didn’t actually do the necessary thing for a pilgrimage but for me I’ll count this as my first pilgrimage, (I am not a Catholic and it’s not our thing to do that but it”s my bucketlist) because we follow the path. Up there lies a very alluring view of Albay, the coconut plantation, the plains, the greenery, the still-blue sky and the shining sun. #Stupefied


My Co-teacher delighting in the Albay scenery. #GiboWillBeFamous


Part two. #GiboOnMyBlog


Smile like the sunflower. We had found this as we descend from the hill.

       Our third and last day, is more adventurous experience (atleast for me, because I live in the city all my life), we had some Pili picking experience. Pili, is a type of nut which is popular on the Bicol region. The two male teachers we are with had the chance to climb the three and pick Pili, we only get what they had got. I just climb the tree for some photography purpose. After that, we walk to another hill, just right there, to get some coconut for us to drink and eat and during this time it is starting to drizzle.


   I love that particular moment while we are drinking buko juice  then there are raindrops, there are also stray animals, trees are everywhere, below is a wonderful view. Makes we want to live in the countryside forever. I guess I can survive, just the thought of being in touch with the nature. Yayy, I am going to miss Albay.


    The trip is totally enjoying but we have to go back to reality because there are students who needed our service so they can improve their skills. LOL. #TeamJuniorHigh


Selfie while waiting for our bus.


Le Favorite Shadowfie


Aura Aura din.


Part Two, Aura.


Happie, Yippie, Yey. !!!!



I need a photo of my favorite travel buddy.


I’m enjoying the countryside. This seems anachronistic because of the shades.


Pili picking. =D #Hwaiting


Such a non-conformist, Z. Hindi ako nakatalon. LOL.


Finally, my jump shot. #CestLaVie


Nahiya naman sa akin ang Mayon. #DyosaProblems


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