Notes on Suicide

    Due to the trending series adaptation of Jay Asher’s bestselling “Thirteen Reasons Why”, suicide has becoming the talk of the town. From different perspective, people had been sharing their perspectives; rants, empathy and just everything we can tell about it.

    As for me, I have read the book but haven’t watched the series. When I had finished the story, I had take Hannah Baker’s reason as a light thing because of course I am in a perspective of an educator but I understand that to adolescence it is a big thing and a big deal. I appreciate the book being written because I too wants people to realize that suicide is not a joke. It may be something not serious for us to the person who had the tendency, it is hell for them. It is a talk of life and death so we might as well take this a big deal.

    I want to share how I view suicide because I want to encourage people to see the larger picture in behind to those who had a thought of ending their lives. Honestly, I have read a post by my student telling that it is non sensical and that we should have bigger faith to God, that moment I want to rush to him and explain things because that totally break my heart. The words he had just posted are those that easier to say than done, and that is not what depressed people certainly want to hear.

   Suicide is just an offshoot of the bigger issue that we have in this world. Today we are totally facing a dog-eat-dog society. Human beings are living like the prey-predator life cycle. We all want what’s best for ourselves that we are selfish enough to step down other people’s dignity. And some people, those that will have the tendency of ending their lives, got fed up of this community. They seem to don’t understand what is happening to our civilization. They are just people who are compassionate enough to long for what we all want, love and care.

  We are all victim of the society we are trying to create , and those people who are prone to demonstrate suicide are sick of this. They believe that maybe through their death they can touch someone to feel more, empathize more. They are curious enough who are the people who has a greater care for the lives they have lose. It is far bigger than attention seeking, it about caring, compassion, empathy that we all long for. So we cannot say to just have faith and accept life as it is, we need to offer our shoulders for them to lean on.

    After all, we are all the same broken people who just wants to bring vibrant in our beloved planet. We are all the same creation who long for peaceful life but happens to get blinded by the fame our society can offer. If this is the real case then why can we just create a culture of loving and sharing to prevent people to do the what they call “non sensical” thing. Easier said than done, but the question is what is more important out pride and ego or our love for humanity?

  Such a utopia, but I’m still dreaming for it.


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