Facts About Me.


♥  I love my name just how it is.

♥ I think I am a daughter of Narcissus. I am too conceited and I am NARCISSISTIC.

♥ I love reading more than anything else.

♥ History (itself) is my first love. Ever since I was born to be fascinated of History and it’s wonders.

♥ Literature is my best friend. (My student say it is my “kabit”)

♥ I am too frustrated in writing stories and other literary stuffs. Obvious naman sa blog ko.

♥ I believe that when I am not doing anything it doesn’t mean that I am not really doing anything. I am thinking, daydreaming or contemplating.

♥ I am an extrovert friends with introverts, that is why I am trying hard to be like them but I can’t

♥ I am obsessed with learning. Not with studying.

♥ After our SPED class, I think I have an EBD (Emotional Behavioral Disorder)

♥ I love the color pink. Yet I don’t notice that all my things and accessories and stuffs are color pink.

♥ No one wants to believe that I am going to be a teacher.

♥ I had a passion for photography, and I am a trying hard photographer. Actually, when I was in Grade 6 I want to be a photographer and I promise I’ll be one but my photo journ trainer back then discouraged me and I listen to her. My friend had just awaken it.

♥ I love collecting memorabilia. Pictures, stuffs, etc.

♥ I love reading letters.

♥ My ideal guy is a man who has a passion in music.

♥ I want to be a writer.

♥ I have my imaginary  literature family. My daddy is Dan Brown, mommy is Philippa Gregory, and I have uncles and titos; Mitch Albom, John Green, Paulo Coelho and Eros Atalia. =D =D. And somehow I love calling Ricky Lee “Tatang”

♥ I collect notebooks and any “paper stuffs”

♥ I listen to alternative rock a lot. And somehow I wish that those music is still the trending music today.

♥ I talk a lot. and sometime it’s nonsense.

♥ I am a sucker for adventure.

♥ I cannot imagine a world without Chocolate and Coffee.

♥ I want to be a Polyglot or a Linguist.

♥ I dream of traveling the world.

♥ I am a Christian. Just lost and wandering.

♥ I always thought that Flyleaf’s vocalist is still Lacey Sturn. But that is not happening. and as a fan we have to understand that.

♥ My Fictional World is Illea

♥ I dream of publishing a book.

♥ I have a dream of fictionalizing some events in History, or like the love story of Bonifacio and Oryang, Jose Rizal, the story of Macario Sakay etc… This is my one step of making my fellow Filipinos appreciate them.

♥HALE is my all time favorite OPM band. Hearing Champ’s voice gives me eargasm. I want to watch them again. This time meet and greet.  Oh please…

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



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